11 Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

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It’s time to take 2014 by the horns and by now you’ve probably compiled a list of resolutions that is set to change your life through a number of drastic measures. ‘This is the year I’m keeping all my resolutions’, is what you’re telling yourself. The reality is, though, you probably won’t…

Unfortunately very few of us keep these promises we make to ourselves, primarily because it’s the same boring and nearly impossible list of eating healthier, exercising more, drinking less and so forth. Perhaps we’ll fare better with a list that consists mainly of promises to have more fun.

1.More time on the water.

First and foremost, use your boat more often – at least once or twice a month. In buying a boat you made an investment and you need to reap the benefits by enjoying it as often as you can. Perhaps fuel prices are a bit steep to be on the water every weekend but make a vow to take your boat out at least once a month – weather permitting, and perhaps twice a month during these beautiful summer months.

2. Find New Retreats.

It is important to keep things fresh by exploring pastures new. There are so many fantastic boating destinations in South Africa but most boaters somehow always end up going to their same old spot; a change of scenery will do you the world of good! If you’re unsure about spreading your wings on your own and exploring new territory, join your nearest yacht or powerboat club. Consult the Leisure Boating team for advice on where the best spots are along our spectacular coast or inland.

3. Blood is Thicker ON Water!

One of the main reasons many boaters purchased their boats was to spend time with family and friends. Your boat is the perfect platform to make time for your family and to spend time doing something you all love. Make a pledge to organise weekends and trips aboard your boat to reinforce the bond among your family members and to share the sheer joy of being together and having fun on the water.

4 Practising a Hobby is as good as a Holiday.

It’s always good to find new interests and hobbies and even better when they’re boat related! Borrow some skis or a wakeboard from a friend and give it a go; you might just fall in love with it and buy your own! If skiing or boarding’s not for you, take up tubing.

There’s a vast selection of affordable towable tubes available on the market for you and your family to enjoy countless hours of fun on the water.

Scuba diving is another option; complete an Open Water One course and immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful underwater marine world. Explore caves, wrecks and spectacular marine wildlife like never before and get up close and personal with thousands of different animal and plant species.

5. Seize The Day!

Make a ‘bucket list’ of extreme activities or things way out of your comfort zone and start ticking them off! Whether it’s entering high speed boat races such as the Trans Agulhas inflatable race, cage diving with five metre-long great white sharks, landing that trophy marlin, spearfishing, scuba diving, tiger fishing on the croc-infested Zambezi, or whatever it is that will get your adrenaline flowing – do it now, don’t wait! Contact Leisure Boating for information on how to go about entering and preparing for the Trans Agulhas; where to go and which charter to use for shark cage diving; tips on what to do and where to go for the best chance of landing a marlin; information on good spearfishing and scuba diving spots and gear; where to start in planning a tiger fishing trip on the Zambezi; or anything else you had in mind.

6. Pimp Your Ride.

Have some fun kitting out your boat with the latest gizmos and upgrades. Write up a ‘registry’ of all the gadgets you’d like your boat to sport and put a request to your family and friends that, in the event of them getting you birthday gifts, they pick something from the list! If you find that your family and friends aren’t as generous as you had hoped, spoil yourself!

The options are endless; from state-of-the-art GPSs and fishfinders to the latest music applications and players for boats; wake towers; a new sound system; rod holders; a new rod or reel; or perhaps even a bigger motor!

7. Try your hand at Different Types of Fishing.

If you love fishing as much as we do, you’ll love exploring new and different methods too. If you’re a bass angler who goes to the same dam every weekend and probably catch the same fish over and over, try some big-game, deep-sea angling on for size!

These days there are so many alternatives to explore. Jetski fishing is a fairly new concept but certainly exciting and something out of the ordinary. If you own a jetski, give it a shot – you could end up saving a truckload in fuel costs while still reeling in those same game fish you would from a boat.

For something poles apart from what you’re used to, try some spearfishing on for size! Diving into the deep, sporting nothing but a speargun, shooting fish while sharks are lurking, is not for the faint-hearted, but you would struggle to find a more thrilling and exhilarating experience.


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