1st Wake Tour Stop a Ripper!

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With so many new faces in the mix it was bound to be an interesting weekend in seeing what the new talent could do on the water.

This is where the future of the sport lies and one thing’s for sure, there were some really brave kids out there, carving it up like there’s no tomorrow. Beside all the newcomers, it was even better to see all the sponsors come together at a tour stop supporting their riders and keeping an eye out for the up-and-coming crop.

Saturday was an early start for everyone, and with the riders briefing at 08:30 we knew it was going to be a long day in the sun, but so worth it! The novice division showed great interest and gave each other a good challenge to make it to the qualifying round on Sunday and not be left behind in LCQ that afternoon.

I can say the same for the Wakeskating division; I can’t recall the last time we saw such a great turn out for the wakeskaters that they had to put up a fight to secure a spot in qualifying and also not get left behind in LCQ. If there is one session that can drain a rider and which the mere thought of can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, it’s to be left in LCQ’s trying to battle it out to make it into that qualifying heat for finals.

Two riders that stood out in the LCQ’s and certainly proved why they should be in the finals, were Jacques Labuschagne and Brandon Stewart. Across the rest of the divisions all of the riders made it through to Finals and enjoyed their day in the sun, sussing out the competition for Sunday finals.

Just to clear up any confusion before I go any further, the “Pro Men” division has recently been renamed “Open Men” to comply with the IWWF International Standards, and the old “Open Men” has been renamed “Men”.

Back on the water, there were a couple of divisions that had everyone on the edge of their seats, and a rider that stood out in the Masters division was Justin Selby that had the biggest Front Flips, Switch Front Flips and Tantrums, floating high up, showing why he still deserves to be part of the team.


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