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2013 MasterCraft X-Star

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The reinvention of the creator

The machine that built a sport has been overhauled for an updated 2013 look and style. Pros across the industry describe it as the thickest wake they’ve ever ridden, and backing up those claims are a string of incredible performances and first-evers, such as the Double Indy Tantrum, Crow 9, KGB 7, Wake to Wake and Double Indy Half Cab Roll – not to mention the first Moby Dick 9 and first Double Indy Tantrum landed in competition!

An incredible three years were spent developing an entirely reconstructed hull with the guidance of the world’s best athletes and their sign off before production. Now, after its first summer on the water, it has been given the stamp of approval by those in the know. The X-Star was probably the pioneer in the history of wakeboarding, and it’s hard to believe that the leader gets even better!
There’s a long list as to why the 2013 model is superior to any of its predecessors; but here are just a few to tantalise the taste buds until the first one arrives in South Africa:

With three screens, you get all the information you could ever want. Your engine system information, such as temperatures, oil pressure, volts, fuel, and more are found on the screen to the left of the steering wheel. A centre-mounted, electronically-raised Murphy 7-inch screen pops up from the dash with all your GPS capabilities. And on the right hand side of the wheel, find the touch screen which makes you a pro driver as it has Zero off as standard, as well as providing great functional control over your ballast systems allowing you to tweak the wake perfectly for each rider.

Every stitch and sculpted groove has been thoughtfully redesigned for maximum enjoyment and ease of use. It can easily be described as breath-taking and efficient.

The new gunwale step is non-skid and just one of dozens of rider-inspired details. Easy in, easy out.

At twenty four feet long, the X-Star is nearly two feet longer than its predecessor. The new hull not only delivers incredible wakes, but also enables massive storage. The seats and transom tilt open to hold all your tournament gear.

The two-way seat makes it easy to reconfigure the X-Star to suit your needs as a bow-passenger’s back rest, or a transom facing post.

Never miss a trick. In the midst of the wraparound stern lounge, guests can flip open a seat facing the wake.

The lounge features a convertible seat allowing guests to reverse the angle – the perfect spot for filming wake action.

Put the treat in retreat and spend time in the redesigned, radically plush twin-tip bow lounge seats.

For those about to rip, we salute you. A non-skid seat/step combo atop the transom makes the transition in and out of the water safer. The swim platform has been rounded for easier entry into the water while strapped to your board.

Its giant, perfectly shaped wake was signed off on by every one of our pro athletes. This is the boat that will change what riders will be able to do on the water.

It’s all good to look the part, but the wake is what makes a boat truly good or not – and on this craft, the wake has been described by critics as the catalyst that will take riders to the next level. The 2013 MasterCraft X-Star is certainly in a league of its own. The boat and its wake are completely and outrageously brilliant, and that’s largely due to their near 45-year heritage and listening to what their clients want. This X-Star really is an absolute stunner. This is a sneak peek on the craft, so I requires me doing some searching around the internet for comments to form my own idea on what us South Africans would think of the boat. There are literally thousands upon thousands of comments from people around the world saying that this is the boat that blows their mind! It’s no wonder MasterCraft has such a bold tagline for the brand – but the boat really is “held to a higher standard”.

For more information, contact Waterworld JHB on (011) 462 4390 or Waterworld Cape Town on (021) 511 0220.
Length of Boat: 24’/7.32 m
Width Amidship: 102″/2.57 m
Boat Weight: 5 400 lbs/2 449 kg
Fuel Capacity: 74 gal/280 l
Seating: 14 people
Total Weight Capacity: 1,946 lbs/883 kg


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