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2013 MB Sports Range

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Your Wake up Call To the 2013 MB Sports range

Considered by many as one of the top five wakeboarding crafts in the US, MB Sports is proud to rival the likes of Malibu, Ski Nautique and Mastercraft. With hefty wakes and loads of interior space, MB Sports’ range of boats are geared toward the family-orientated boater as well as the professional wakeboarder. We take a closer look at their all-new and innovative 2013 line-up.

2013 MB Sports Range
Thirty years ago, the Brendel family (Mike and Ivy) gave life to the first MB Sports boat (nicknamed ‘Kermit’ because of its bright green gel coat) on a friend’s farm near Merced, California along the West Coast of the US. Since then, the Brendel family, and a few trusted partners excelled year-by-year to bring you the same top-quality hull that’s proved to be the preferred choice by many watersport enthusiasts worldwide.
MB Sports was introduced to South Africa in December 2010 by Bjorn Geiger, operating out of distribution centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, they were able to service their customers and brand strategically. With the latest in engine maintenance software and MB expertise, Bjorn assures that the company will meet all your boating needs.
But what sets the MB Sports boat apart from the rest of the wake crossover units out there? Well, you can encounter the heart and soul of an MB Sports boat in the wake it produces. Launch high into the air, and you’ll become intimately acquainted with the hard work and care that’s gone into crafting the perfect wake. MB Sports’ quick plane hull design and simplicity is vital in creating the perfect wake for surfing, skiing or wakeboarding.The MB Sports line-up achieves a wake that’s clean, massive and shows girth. The crisp, clean lip allows for smooth takeoffs, and touch downs are graceful in the increased width of the landing zone. The key is MB Sports’ hull design. And now, MB Sports have taken yet another innovative step with the new quick-to-plane extended stern design, which enables more running surface and richer runs. This innovative design does not utilise a cavitation plate, so there’s no added drag, nothing to break or malfunction, and it get boats on plane faster. That’s where the famed relished HyperWake that riders love so much comes from. Whether you’re an experienced MB Sports fan or new to the quality and craftsmanship that MB Sports delivers, the 2013 line-up beckons you to discover the next wave of superior wakeboarding and wakesurfing performance. One of MB Sports most outstanding features is the gravity-filled ballast system. MB’s standard ballast of 1 800 lbs in the 21-foot models, and 2 400 lbs in the 23- and 24-foot models are unique, and with no pumps required, the ballast tanks are filled and drained in no more than 60 seconds.


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