2015 Boaters guide to Happiness

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Boat Gadgets

The point of boating is to have fun with friends and family. This guide is intended to expose you to new ways of having fun on the water but also to introduce you to helpful gadgets that will only serve to prolong the fun! Some of the things on the list may not yet be available in Mzanzi, but luckily we now have this wonderful thing called the internet on which one can order a plethora of exotic and alien items and see it delivered to your doorstep (just make sure to limit your expectations of the competency of the South African Postal Service should they somehow be involved in the delivery of your items – and when I say limit I mean alter it to never expect your parcel to come near your doorstep, or indeed your area code).

Parking Trolley

Like me, you might get a little nervous when facing the task of parking something as costly as your boat or caravan. Especially when unassisted, it can become the stuff of nightmares trying to negotiate your boat into a tight space. Fortunately for you and me, our troubles are no more. The Parking Trolley is essentially a robot that parks your boat, caravan or lightweight aircraft for you. Crazy, right? Manoeuvrable up to a 10% incline and able to carry as much as 2 500 kg, Parking Trolley will become your new best friend.


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