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World’s First Handlebars with Dual Throttle Controls

RiDE is an ultra-intuitive dual throttle control system now available on Yamaha FX and VX Series WaveRunners. Pull the right hand throttle lever to go forward, pull the left hand throttle lever to slow down and go in reverse. Let go of both levers and the watercraft is in neutral. The right and left throttle levers can work together at speed to let the driver dial in maximum control over their ride. RiDE utilises a patented bucket design that forces water out of the sides of the bucket, thereby acting as a virtual rudder that keeps the watercraft tracking in the direction the driver intended.

The throttle system is controlled by a Boat Control Unit, or BCU, that is specifically tuned at the factory to account for the power and weight of each model. This ensures a completely smooth experience whether riding around a dock in close quarters or taking a turn at full speed. The BCU is also programmed to understand driver input and intention when both levers are pulled simultaneously, applying the appropriate level of acceleration or deceleration to maximise control.

“RiDE has been in development for years with the goal of forever changing the way people experience a personal watercraft,” said Scott Watkins, product manager for Yamaha’s Watercraft division. “Simply creating a deceleration mechanism wasn’t enough. We wanted a new technology that drivers would use all the time on their watercraft, and RiDE is just that. It’s a technology you will use the entire time you ride. There’s never been anything quite like it.”



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