Deck Boats

24 Deck

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Does it look good – from general aesthetics to the smallest detail? Does it leave a taste of success in your mouth when saying you are the proud owner? Does she feel great when you’re on-board and even better when you take the helm? Is there a certain aroma present, like fresh leather or crisp morning air? Does she purr like a kitten when idling but roar like a jaguar when you let her loose? The Sensation 24Deck is one such a boat – she satisfies all your senses

Boats Specifications

  • Length
  • 8.1m
  • Beam
  • 2.6m
  • Weight
  • 2140kg
  • Pax
  • 11 people
  • Minimum HP
  • 320HP
  • Maximum HP
  • 400HP
  • Bouyancy
  • 60%+

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