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Infanta 5.2 SRI

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The 5.2 SRI is definitely the most popular boat in the Infanta range. This deep V monohull boat handles like a dream and two people will be able to manage easily. Best of all is: the 5.2 SRI fits in a standard 6 meter garage. With an inside length of 4500mm and an inside beam of 1300mm this boat is certainly the biggest in its class.

Technical details

Length 5200mm
Length on Trailer 5950mm
Inside Length 4500mm
Beam 2300mm
Beam in 1300mm
Comp 4
Passengers 8
Rec. Hp 60hp-130hp
Empty Weight 240kg


Standard features

  • Integral nose anchor box with seat.
  • Separate fish hatch.
  • Moulded back seat, back rest and splash well combination.
  • Detatchable helm seat.
  • Perfectly balanced console.
  • Non-slip moulded deck.
  • Excellent performance and handling with a comfortable dry ride.
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