A Defence on PWC’s

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PWC Fishing

Born and bred in Llandudno, a seaside suburb south of Cape Town, Jeremy Johnson spent the better part of his life in and around the water, either as a lifesaver, surfer, sailor, diver or angler. He is also a very accomplished jet ski angler and has been campaigning for legislation to be changed regarding the banning of PWCs from Marine Protected Areas.

“All the legislation and so-called ‘environmental threat’-talk that have tarnished the reputation of jet skis in South Africa are all outdated and incorrect,” Johnson said. “Legally, SAMSA (The South African Maritime Safety Authority) certify jet skis as a PWC and in modern times, all PWC have 4-stroke motors and all are over three metres in length – meaning they’re classified as vessels. Therefore, they require a DTC number (issued by SAMSA) to carry all the necessary safety equipment just like a boat,” he continued.



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