A letter from the Editor – April ’17

Leisure Boating April Magazine 2017

Leisure Boating April Magazine 2017

I’m sure that every person is well aware of the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. In the highly unlikely chance that someone hasn’t heard it, I’d bet my left ski that they have definitely experienced it one way or another! It’s completely applicable in every line of business – from buying a new toy to paying for a service. Even in my line of work; when it comes to advertising, the old adage will almost certainly be spot-on; if the price is ‘too good to be true, it probably is’.
When I’m presented with any price which is substantially lower than I would expect, I can’t help but wonder why – or what shortcuts were taken to offer me the ridiculously low price-tag. Somewhere, something is being cut from the benefits.

I’m currently trying to help a good friend of mine find his very first boat. You’d think that shopping of this nature would be easy for someone like myself who eats, sleeps and breathes boats, but it’s never easy finding a boat for someone else. As it turns out, his budget for the purchase is lower than the Vaal Dam level just a short time ago, and that’s added to the challenge of getting this friend into the comfortable seat of his first river-cruiser.

Now, I’m not any sort of professional negotiator, but I have come to notice that sellers can be all too quick to drop their price from the get-go – and for me, that’s a first warning sign, even before you start the motor and see brown water coming out of the water tell-tale spout. Every time I’m forced to ask myself, ‘Why is this boat so cheap?’. While most things can be fixed, from decking that’s as spongy as a wet dishcloth to a motor which runs as smoothly as geriatric in a potato-sack race, it’s the things you can’t inspect that’ll make you wonder about that price which drops every time you say you’re off to go see another seller.

I’ve spent the past couple of months trawling the free classifieds on www.LeisureBoating.co.za (it wasn’t during working hours, just in case my boss is reading this) and trekking across the city to see various crafts being sold privately. While there are some great boats on offer, the good ones are a bit outside of my mate’s budget for the moment. While he’s revving and ready to buy the next boat he sees, I keep reminding him to rather save up a bit more – because you will always ‘get what you pay for’.

Happy boating!

Leisure Boating Editor

Leisure Boating Editor

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