Adler Yacht reshapes top management structure

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Adler Yacht has appointed Philipp Pototschnik as new chief executive officer, effective immediately. The new CEO’s key task is to lead the Swiss company’s further development and promote expansion on various regional markets. Philipp Pototschnik takes over the helm from Alessandro Barizzi.

With his effective performance during his time at Adler Yachts, Philipp was promoted to the leading role with the company. He was raised in Austria and Italy and is proficient in six languages which include German, Italian, English, Spanish, French and Russian. He graduated from the Business University of Vienna and undertook studies at Clark University in Warsaw and Lodz in Poland, as well as the London School of Economics in the UK.

He has previously worked in the web marketing and development, renewable energy, health and luxury sectors. “It is my great honour and pleasure to have Philipp Pototschnik as the new CEO of Adler Yacht.

Philipp has shown in the past months great enthusiasm and efforts in getting the best for the company, and moving this forward”, said founder of Adler Yacht Alexander Vagacs. Adler Yacht also continues to gather a strong team of experienced sales and marketing experts. The newest manager to join the company is Esmeralda Fernandes De Sá, a highly experienced professional in sales of aircraft and a well-known expert in the luxury market and aviation segments.


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