Amazing Undersea Discoveries

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Ancient Greek computer

Called the Antikythera mechanism, this amazing discovery is one of the greatest ever to hit the news. Despite being submerged in salty ocean water for thousands of years, it is the oldest known gear mechanism ever discovered.

It is unclear what the Antikyhera was used for but some scientists suggest that it could have been the first analog computer due to the complexity of its construction. Others scientists suggest that it could have predicted solar eclipses and lunar cycles, but the true function of the device, which was discovered in the 1900s, is still a mystery.

Apollo 11 engines

In 2013 the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos decided to take on the fascinating task of recovering the engines that were utilised for the takeoff of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. The engines had been lying on the ocean floor since the craft’s launch in 1969.

Though a modern age artifact, the engines were recovered in secret and kept behind closed doors until they were positively identified as coming from the legendary Apollo 11 flight.

The engines are now being restored and will go on display at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center when the cleanup operation is complete.


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