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10 Recession-busting boats you can afford (PART 1)

As we all know, times are tough. When it comes to buying a boat, budget is always going to be a big arguing point – at least it certainly is when at the kitchen table mid way through your speech of breaking the news to the family about the addition you want! Leisure Boating brings you 10 affordable, recession-busting boats that offer you exceptional value for your hard earned cash!

So, you want to feel the cool breeze dance across your face, with the wind sweeping through your hair, but the wife needs the kitchen re-done and the kids need to go to college. What do you do? In South Africa specifically, the trend has become that bigger is better, and that the more money you pay, the better off you are. But, is that true? As in everything, you always get what you pay for – but that doesn’t mean that smaller, more affordable crafts are rubbish when it comes to owning them! Naturally, the initial outlay of purchase is going to be a whole lot more reasonable, but the saving continues far past there in terms of running costs. What’s more, you get that ‘small’ boat experience that got you hooked in the first place! So take a look at a few of South Africa’s best buys for value, and you just might be able to please the whole family, and your bank manager!


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