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Big Game Fishing: App-solutely fabulous

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This app offers comprehensive data on wind speed, wind direction, wave height, wave direction, temperature, cloud cover, rain forecasts and tides. A simple registration process is required to become a member, and once your username and password have been loaded, you will have access to the app and all of its workings. It offers users customisation for their favourite spots, wind speed, wind gusts, wind direction, swell height, temperature and a variety of other weather and wind related options. The basic Windguru app is free, but the more comprehensive Windguru Pro is a paid app.


Buoyweather can be accessed on all devices and offers seven-day marine weather forecasts. It offers reliable point-based forecasts with location choices that can be saved for future use. Buoyweather also offers custom email alerts every time the location chosen meets your ideal conditions and for sudden changes in marine conditions. Buoyweather also offers high resolution wind forecasts from slight sea breezes to high winds. Access your favourite weather forecast locations on your computer, tablet or cellular iOS and Android phones. Check out Buoyweather on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Buoyweather offers a free introductory trial but is a paid app.


Navionics Boating is a simple to use boating app which offers a variety of versatile features such as track recording, tide and current data, wind forecasts, a large searchable database and social media sharing. Navionics Boating also offers backup of valuable markers, routes, photos, videos and tracks. Add to all this the optional map overlays, syncing of data across multiple devices, geo-referenced articles, and value-added upgrades and it is clear that this app has a lot to offer. Navionics is free to download and offers in-app purchases for charts and other upgrades, such as auto routing. Navionics Boating is available for both iOS and Android devices.


This app offers wind, temperature, cloud cover, rain and wave height. By dragging the icon to where you will most likely be fishing, the app will give you all the details you require for that particular area. If you are looking for advance forecasts then Windyty is right up your alley as it offers a meteogram showing sun, cloud, precipitation and wind speed for the week ahead. It also offers an airgram that shows temperature and cloud cover.


This app offers the latest SST, chlorophyll and true colour images with ocean currents and sea surface height data. By selecting the region you will be fishing in and pulling the bullseye to this region, it will give you updated water temperature and depth information. Other links offered by this app are beach weather options, surf spots, surf cams, photos, videos, tutorials and fishing news. Fishtrack can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.


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