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Big Game Fishing: Best Estuary Fest

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Why estuaries you ask? Well, for starters estuary fishing offers a blissful combination of natural scenic beauty, solitude and a peacefulness that can only be associated with a river. But, before you throw your family, rods and tackle into the bakkie and head off, a little planning is required.


First a little research will always do wonders. A quick Google search will locate the estuaries in your area. Once you have decided which estuary you are going to fish, do a quick study of the lay of the land, where the best visible fishing spots, inlets and holes are to be found.

When looking at a topographical map of the estuary, it will be a lot easier to assess where the best fishing spots are located.


It is always best to fish estuaries during spring tides as this creates movement in the water and increases the flow of water in and out of the estuary. The movement of water increases fish activity and improves the size of catches.


If you are not familiar with the types of fish found at a particular estuary, do some research online as to local fish types and lure suggestions. You will often find blogs and comments from other anglers as to the best spots to fish and tips on the best tackle to take along.


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