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Big Game Fishing: Hooked On Charters

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Leisure Boating: Do you supply all the gear or can clients bring their own rods, etc. if they choose?

Rob Naysmith: We supply all the gear because we know the target fish but if the client wants to bring their preferred rods, lures and reels they are more than welcome to. Now and again they will bring a fly rod or a special spinning rod or jigging rod. We are happy to accommodate that.

We do provide all the tackle, lures and rods for those who don’t want to bring their own equipment. The only thing that clients need to bring is a packed lunch and beverages for their own consumption.

LB: Does the experience of the skipper equate to improved catches?

RN: Absolutely! It’s like anything in life where greater successes come from experience. That being said, the experience of the captain often determines whether you catch fish or not.

With my experience, I have learnt exactly when to go and where to find fish.

LB: Are there any hidden charges after the fee for the charter is paid?

RN: There certainly shouldn’t be any added charges after the charter fee is paid. There are charters that make you pay extra for the fish you want to take home but I believe that if you are paying for a charter, you should be allowed to keep the fish you catch. It is always good karma to give at least one fish to the boat.

LB: Do you have toilet facilities available on your boat for clients?

RN: Yes, my boats are all fitted with electric flush toilets.

LB: What do you suggest for people that might be prone to sea sickness?

RN: If clients even think that they might get seasick, my suggestion is to get some seasick tablets from the chemist and take one the night before the charter and one on the morning of the charter.


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