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Big Game Fishing: Peak Fishing Charters

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Dantes Peak Fishing Charters

Based in Gordon’s Bay Harbour, Dantes Peak Fishing Charters are located in one of the richest fishing grounds and most beautiful surroundings in the world. Gordon’s Bay and surrounding areas have plenty to offer tourists, particularly the ocean-loving adventure seeker, and Dantes Peak is there to help you create your own repertoire of epic fishing tales! If you don’t have your own boat, there are countless fishing charters to choose from in the Cape, but having spent some time at the tuna grounds with the Dantes Peak guys, I can personally vouch that this is one of the top teams to be onboard with if you’re looking to land the big one.

A tight-knit, father-and-son team provides a warm and welcome atmosphere aboard a very well-equipped and snug fishing vessel. Wickus, a very friendly and knowledgeable young man, takes care of all the necessary tasks on board from cutting bait to setting up rigs, while you sit back and enjoy the view. His father, wizened by many years spent behind the wheel of a boat, expertly navigates you past Cape Point to where the notorious Cape Yellowfin waits.

The best time to fish in Cape Town is from October to December, when the temperatures are relatively warm and the bite is hot, but that’s not to say that tuna can’t be caught during other months. However, during winter, when the tuna migrates elsewhere after warmer water, the Cape Snoek becomes a popular fish among local anglers. Snoek can be caught with handline, spinners or with a fly rod – if you have the know-how. If not, the Dantes Peak boys will gladly and patiently teach you all you need to know.


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