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Big Game Fishing: The end of the line

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Captain Rob Naysmith tells us more about hosting the perfect charter

LB: Do you favour a particular type of rod brand or do you use a few different brands?
RN: If I’m fishing for myself, I’d use my custom rods, which are made by Jan Krause. I don’t use custom rods for charters because the custom rods are more easily damaged, so I use generic rods, such as Daiwa Stand Up rods, which I find work well for my particular charter application. There are many good rod brands on the market that are reasonably priced that would work equally well.

LB: What reel brands do you favour for the guests on your charters?
RN: When fishing for smaller fish using light tackle, for line classes up to about 10 kg, I use Shimano Lever Drags and for the bigger game trolling, I use Penn Internationals. For my 30 pound outfits, for longfin or bigger, I use a Shimano Trynos, which is a metal reel as opposed to a graphite reel. For spinning, I use Daiwa 50 reels and Shimano 20/40 and for jigging and popping, I use Shimano reels.

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