Boat Maintenance: Outboard Motor Mania

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Your outboard motor is a major part of your boating investment and if you are not going to be using your boat during the winter months, follow our easy maintenance suggestions and your motor will be sparkling clean and running like a dream, come summer. You’ll definitely be the envy of the waterways.

Clean the exterior

The first thing to do is thoroughly clean the exterior of your outboard. Use an appropriate cleaning solvent mixed with water to remove any residual salt and dirt deposits that have settled on the cowlings and covers.

Get in there with a rag and an old toothbrush for the hard-to-reach places and make your outboard’s exterior sparkle.

Full flush

It is critical that you give your outboard a full flush, using proper muffs covering either side of the gear casing flush points. When the engine has been thoroughly flushed of the salt deposits and dirt, remove the engine cover and spray the engine down with antimoisture repellent to further protect it.


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