Boat Maintenance: Shape Up

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During high season, when every boat is out on the water competing for the ‘Best Looking Boat’ prize, the last thing you want is your boat sitting unceremoniously at the boat repair shop.

It’s very easy to neglect the repairs during the off-season, which can result in the boat being out of action in the high season.

Untimely boat failure can be minimised during the high season with a little preventative maintenance during the off-season.

Leisure Boating delves into the finer details of boat, motor and trailer maintenance to keep your boat looking and running at its best.

In the more moderate climates common to much of the South African coastline, where boating is possible throughout the year, general maintenance needs to take place on a regular basis, rather than a onetime yearly winterise before the cold sets in. Let’s take a look…


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