Boat Maintenance: Unaviodable Upholstery Repairs

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Boat upholstery and canvas tends to endure a lot of wear and tear due to their exposure to elements such as direct sunlight, salt water, wind and rain. Caring for the upholstery and canvas on your boat requires regular cleaning and protection from the elements.

Correct storage and protection

Proper storage of your boat is key to protecting the upholstery and the canvas. Any boat that sits in full sun all day will be more prone to sun bleached upholstery and canvas.

Covering the upholstery with cloth throws when the boat is not in use is one way of stopping bleaching by the sun.

If your canvas awnings, T-tops or biminis are retractable and have a protective canvas snap-on cover, use it to protect the canvas. If they are removable, even better, take them off the boat and store them indoors in a well ventilated spot.

Vinyl and leather upholstery is prone to cracking and fading if left in the sun for long periods. If the cushions on the boat are removable, store these in well ventilated dry areas, out of direct sunlight.

High and dry

Try and keep the upholstery as dry as possible when removing the boat from the water. Although the upholstery will get wet from time to time, try and avoid the moisture soaking in to the inner foam or it will be very difficult to get dry and will eventually cause rot to set in.


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