Boat Maintenance

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Crucial Care Tips

A modern-day boat is a piece of complex engineering, and like any piece of complex engineering it needs plenty of tender love, care and maintenance. You can’t treat your boat like any old tub and expect her to live for long; she needs a soft touch every once in a while. Getting into a routine of cleaning, inspecting and maintaining your boat on a regular basis is the best way to ensure you get the maximum amount of hours from her. Left neglected, your boat’s lifespan will diminish dramatically, and the time you do spend aboard will be blighted with problems or crises that could’ve easily been avoided.

It might seem like a schlep at first but once you’ve adopted and become accustomed to the practice of cleaning and checking your boat at regular intervals, say prior to every time you take her out, it will become part of the whole boating experience and will seem like second nature. You might even learn to enjoy the habitual checking, tuning and tweaking of the components on your craft. Follow the simple checklist provided below and not only will you avoid dangerous situations by preventing minor concerns becoming major problems, but you’ll attain prolonged enjoyment aboard your most prized possession!


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