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With the beginning of 2013 comes the end of the competition for Leisure Boating’s Boat of the Year 2012! The votes are in and here, we announce for the first time ever, the most popular boats of the year.

While we love all boats, we tried as hard as possible to remain unbiased. The only criteria the boat had to fulfil is that we had reviewed it in the past year. We have taken all the facts into consideration, we present them all to you, our valued reader. In narrowing the boats down to the top 19, we looked at how many times the boat reviews were read on our website (, as well as how many star ratings and comments they received. We took into account all the emails we received over the year from readers on these reviews as well as our advertisers opinions. Lastly, and perhaps slightly less importantly, our staff, like Top Gear presenters, got a chance to discredit each other’s personal choices and ultimately, only have one true choice. Our top choice made it into these 19 boats whether it had already been selected by our readers or not. You may not agree with these, and we in a way hope you don’t. If you do feel differently, email your opinions to us and we will publish them in a later edition. So, in no particular order, we are proud to announce your winners for Boat of the Year 2012!.


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