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Boat Review: Axis 22

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Axis is the brand that forever changed the wakecraft industry. It’s Malibu’s subsidiary brand, but Axis made the watersports community stop and take note as it has allowed more boaters onto the water to ride the sickest wakes, at probably the sweetest price.

You would think that for a boat company to create and produce its own competitor, at almost half the price, would be fiscal suicide – but make no mistake, the Axis lineup has taken the company from strength to strength. What’s truly remarkable for me, however, is that while the Axis range is arguably the most cost-effective wakecraft on the market, it doesn’t sacrifice the attributes of a high-end watersports wake-maker. A completely new boat from the hull up, Axis’s A22 is a total overhaul of the original A22 which was this company’s first-ever model to hit the water in 2009 and make serious waves throughout the boating fraternity. For 2015, this boat has been reimagined from bow to stern, and the changes are good. Really good.

Deck Layout

Even the best athletes would love this craft for its perfect, solid wake; but that’s not all – the clean lines and aggressive styling is what really seals the deal in making this boat look the part of a world-class wakecraft. Apart from its extremely striking exterior, the A22 is plush and roomy on the inside with a 2.59 metre beam and offers comfortable seating for up to 15 of your wake-loving buddies. On the latest model, the A22 features the company’s new AW15 wake tower, a redesigned interior, deeper storage, a neat walk-through to the bow, and a variety of cosmetic improvements. One way the company is able to make the Axis so affordable is that the customisation of upgrades is left to you to choose what you do or don’t want. While there is a long list of optional extras, the A22 is equipped with more than enough amenities in its base fare.



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