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Boat Review: Beneteau’s Monte Carlo 5S

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Bénéteau’s Monte Carlo 5S is probably the perfect balance between boating luxury and the sheer beauty of boat building. Offering an open layout to allow plenty of ambient light, while emphasising al fresco living, this motor yacht is through and through a thoroughly modern Mediterranean cruiser. The Editor, Dean Castle, travels to Spain for the exclusive, world’s first look at Bénéteau’s floating work of art.


The Bénéteau Monte Carlo (MC) 5S is ideal for day boating, entertaining, and weekend family vacations along the coast – all in a sophisticated setting that is true to her modern French-Italian design. The MC range is made up of a 4, 5 and 6 model with a flybridge version of each signalled by not having an ‘S’ in the model name.

The MC6 is exquisite and offers you more than a luxury mansion overlooking the cliffs on Camps Bay – and if you can afford it, then do yourself proud! If you love the look of this Bénéteau range but want to get one as cost-effectively as you can, then the MC4 is the right choice for you as she offers the same level of lavishness as the bigger models, at a better price and a more compact package. However, I feel that the MC5 is the way to go if you’re looking for maximum living comfort, opulence, and unrivalled quality.


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