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Boat Review: Cap Camarat 8.5 WA

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While the Cap Camarat brand is new to South Africa, it stems from an impressive boating heritage out of the Jeanneau boat yard.

Erudite readers will know that this company is known for their quality craft and fine attention to detail in providing the ultimate in luxury, and I’m sure that the Cap Camarat range something to really get excited about.

Deck layout

The 8.5 Cap Camarat is the second largest in the fleet, surpassed only by the 10.5. While this, the walk-around version, is more sought-after by owners looking for a stayaboard cabin for their family, there is also a centre-console derivative which is probably more apt for family fishing – although some may prefer it for the high level of deck space.

Measuring 8.42 metres overall (or just over 27 foot), this Cap Camarat is no small order – and that means the designers have been afforded plenty of room to accommodate the works. From bow to stern, it’s evident that every detail has been carefully thought out to maximise space and amenities.

On board, the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA speaks of an open boat with sufficient room for socialising. This craft would be an ideal day cruiser – and Cap Camarat have taken this concept a step further by adding overnight accommodation facilities below deck, meaning that you can cruise along the coast and comfortably spend the night onboard with your family, as the water gently rocks you to sleep.

Boarding through the transom doorway on the port side, you step down into the stern lounge area. Immediately you are met by a wash of teak decking, lavish seating and fine detail work. It’s not hard to see that the Cap Camarat is built by a company that simply oozes luxury lifestyle – from any angle. A removable table is easily installed within (and conveniently stored out of sight when not in use), allowing you to host a small dinner soirée for your guests.


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