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Boat Review: Fusion 17

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When it comes to saltwater fishing, centre console boats rule the roost. While there are many different varieties, most can be split between two groups: offshore or inshore boats. Often, it’s size that defines the boat’s ability, but there’s one specific kind of center console that has a much more versatile purpose and design – the Fusion 17.

It turns out that the name Fusion is actually rather apt for this craft, as it blends together the right design to be ideal for both estuary and coastal fishing. For now, we’ll focus on the angling aspect of the Fusion 17 and along the way you’ll see why she’s also great for skiing, cruising, tubing and some amateur wakeboarding action.

However, with its roots firmly stemming out of international waters, is South Africa the right home of Fusion boats? Let’s take a look.

Deck layout

The Fusion 17 follows the bay boat design which has been extremely popular in America for many years – and it’s not hard to understand why. Providing a length which is long enough to be spacious for the whole family, yet small enough to be easily manageable for towing and storage, the open-plan deck stays uncluttered and
easy to walk around – whether you’re getting the sarmies and sunscreen or fighting a fish.

Aside from being a very pretty craft, I have to say that a stand out highlight has to be the amount on onboard space and what the designer has done with it. In keeping with international quality, the lockers under the seats in the bow are stainless steel gas strut assisted, making opening and closing light work– even for the kids.

These storage areas are large too – they’re said to be able to hold full size waterskis! You may notice from the accompanying pictures that there’s no engine well designed into this craft – and that gave the designers extra space to place with. Quite simply, although the Fusion is 17 feet in length, the interior space is comparable to a larger boat.


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