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Boat Review: Insignia

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These days you don’t often get a boat that is a true multi-tasker, ie: coupled with additional charming design characteristics. For some inexplicable reason it seems to be one or the other – perhaps some sort of trade off, if you like. That is, until now! The Insignia has all the hallmarks of a real performer in a single package – but let’s see if the Editor gives this craft his stamp of approval.

If you think this craft looks a little familiar, you may just be correct. Purchased from a Yamaha dealer, you’d be looking at the X-Fire (or Crossfire if you prefer), however, the Insignia is exclusively Honda powered. We’ve covered this craft quite some time ago when it was straight out of the Austral Marine factory and brand new on the market, but since it proved to be such a hit back then with our Durban journalist, I had to give it a go myself, albeit with a different power option. That previous story is readily available in our website archives, so I’m not going to simply rehash what we’ve already said. Instead, let me try and highlight what makes this craft so worthy of being featured again.

When it comes to purchasing a boat, there are certain things you have to consider. Firstly, do you have that all-important engine choice? Then there’s the price, service agents in your area, and no doubt the reliability issue that ‘Oom Piet’ told you about at the clubhouse that may well may steer your decision for or against. Meanwhile; the Insignia is a high entry to mid-level watersports craft, and if the time comes to trade up, would a sale in a couple years warrant the money you’ve paid now? Alas, these are all questions that I don’t really have firm answers to.

To be honest, they’re not necessarily unique to the Insignia, but do let me tell you what is: we finally have a locally built boat where the answers probably don’t even matter anyway. Built by one of the leading boatyards in this country, she’s going to be around long enough for you to keep it in the family. She’s light on her trailer too – meaning that you can afford to go for the big motor you’ve always wanted and still have some change in your pocket!


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