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Boat Review: Princess 43

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Spry and luxuriant, it’s no wonder the Princess 43 won Boat of the Year for the under 55-foot division mere months after her unveiling. While winning this prestigious accolade is a great start, what’s really important is that this craft takes the reins and prances like a majestic Lipizzaner.

Replacing the 42-foot, the Princess 43 had big shoes to fill which was never going to be easy. Her predecessor was a vessel which put a lot of points on the board for the shipyard, selling upward of 40 units a year, so it makes sense for Princess to continue in this tradition with new modifications and an upgraded interior.

Is Princess’ 43 foot an heir of elegance or just another dock filler? Leisure Boating magazine goes to Gordon’s Bay to find out.

It’s in the details

The Princess 43 is designed to be discreetly elegant. But, take time to feast your eyes on the wonder presented in this gem or you may well overlook some of the finer features and design elements which make this vessel a cut above the rest.

For instance, cleats are located on top of the gunwales around the craft to allow for a variety of mooring options and prevents the dock lines from lying all over the deck. It’s a neat and tidy layout which keeps guests from tripping and falling in the drink.

The Princess does not skimp on the other metal works. The bow rail is set at a good height for proper usage and it extends all the way aft to the deck steps, adding security for people moving to and from the foredeck relaxing and tanning area.

There are also handrails for boarding, traversing the flybridge staircase and even along the flybridge sides – all of which come together to make the craft safer for guests and stylish in appearance.


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