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Boat Review: Sensation 22SXI

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Magson Marine, the newest appointment in the Western Cape for renowned Sensation Boats, is smiling from ear-to-ear with the addition of the Sensation 22SXi to their garage. Read on and you’ll see why your family would be just as happy! Dean Castle rekindles and old flame for this new revival.

When summer arrives and the boat shows are upon us, take a walk around and compare Sensation’s 22SXi to rival boats in the category and you’ll soon see why I hold it in high regard. It’s got the wrap around, comfy cushioning, the add-on wake tower and ballast tank system, a great deck layout, and of course, high-end quality finishing. But what I really like about this craft is that it’s not just a dam day tripper and she actually fares really well on the ocean too. If inboards don’t really float your boat then take a gander at the replica outboard version, aptly named the SX. It’s the exact same boat to cater for those with a difference in opinion.

Deck layout
As you see the Sensation 22SXi in these pages, you’ll feast your eyes on the limited edition version. Now, truth be told, that doesn’t mean a whole bunch once all is said and done. Even the non-limited edition offers you the value-added benefits you’ll really want as a boater. But, you do get the flashy bling that makes this craft stand out at a packed dock, like the really cool custom graphite-look hull decals, to name just one of the eye-catching stand-outs. I’ve known this hull for years and am well acquainted with its capabilities. Originally the Clifton triple-X, Twin Boats and Trailer took the design to new heights.

I last reviewed this craft in 2010 – and while the craft has probably had less changes in looks than Riaan Cruywagen over the same length of time, it goes to show that beating a winning package isn’t as easy as you may think. The saying goes ‘it if ‘aint broke, don’t fix it’, and I’m happy knowing that someone isn’t tinkering too much and changing what I have always liked about the Sensation 22SXi. Naturally, cushioning and finishing touches throughout the boat have been updated as the years have progressed, and Magson Marine are proud to launch the 2015 arrival.


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