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Boat Review: X-32

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I’ve been on a lot of boats in my time, and in a variety of conditions too – ranging from those perfect days where the sun beats down harder than Connor Mc Gregor in a championship fight, to the converse, when it’s gusty and miserable to the point that you don’t know if it’s rain or tears streaming down your face. Some boats tend to jump across rough water and land deep in a trough, rattling the fillings out of your teeth, and others glide down offering a cushioned landing.

It’s these types of nuances a boat gives – and the reaction it has when presented with the right conditions – that can tell a story about the crafts characteristics and capabilities.

For the review of the X-32, we chose a particularly choppy day to head out to sea. There was a medium-sized swell running on the ocean, and although putting this craft to the true test would require much more than the prevailing conditions of the day, these conditions would still wreak havoc with the photographic skills required for this review.

Although it may not be too evident from the accompanying shots, (bear in mind that we select the best pictures taken on the day) but the ample chop available would provide me with enough information about the boat’s handling to provide me with a credible opinion.

It is important to note the input into this craft was from a highly reliable source who has many, many sea-going hours. Any skipper worth his salt in the Cape Town area should know the boat Blade, or at least it’s owner Errol Cronje, who over the years, has claimed the affectionate nickname of ‘White Knuckles’ due to his choice of cruising speed.

Well, this X-32 belongs to Errol himself, and electrifying pace aside, his input as a big game angler means the craft is built with a purpose – to be a fishing machine.

Deck layout

This craft is designed to be a sports fisher, meaning you can trust that all of the necessaries are there, from storage lockers and rod holders to trolling boards and tackle hatches.

The X-32 really is feature-filled; so instead of listing each detail, allow me to highlight this craft’s main attributes designed for the fisherman in you.


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