Boating and braais on Heritage Day!

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  1. Braai tongs
  2. Metal spatula
  3. Basting sauce
  4. Basting brush
  5. Salt, pepper and spices
  6. A sharp knife to cut up pieces of meat to offer hungry people hovering around the braai
  7. Large metal pan to place the cooked food
  8. Your favourite beverage held firmly in your free hand
  9. A sturdy waterproof cover to put over the braai when not in use
  10. A wire brush to clean the grid

Heritage Day is upon us on September 24th and there is no better way to spend the day than having a braai with friends and family on your boat. Anyone who has spent any time out on the water will tell you that you can work up quite an appetite. Well, the answer to satisfying your appetite is by having a braai on the boat. Picture a quiet cove, with gentle swell lapping softly against the side of the boat. You flip open the gas braai, light the flame and take in the delicious smells of marinated meat sizzling on the grid. Don’t forget the coleslaw, Aunty Betty’s secret potato salad, garlic breads and a variety of other delicacies to complement the sizzle on the griddle. With Heritage Day just around the corner, Leisure Boating went in search of the best braai tips to take your public holiday to the heights it deserves.


More and more boats like to drop anchor and have a braai. Not only do the great aromas emanate from the braai, but the braai eases up the pressure on whoever is preparing food in the galley. We at Leisure Boating all agree that a gas braai offers the best control for cooking meats, but there are the traditionalists that will always go the charcoal route. Remember, that charcoal braais require more cleaning than gas braais. What’s more, gas braais will often have a built-in thermometer to aid cooking your delicious delights at the perfect temperature. But, we’ll leave the decision up to you whether you go the charcoal or gas route. The important thing is that you braai, Maraai!


When buying a braai, only ever consider stainless steel options as this will inhibit the formation of rust and allow for much easier cleaning. A double lined stainless steel braai is recommended as the outside temperature of the braai remains cooler to the touch.


  1. Have a spray bottle handy filled with water to put out any flames
  2. Light the flame immediately after turning on the gas to avoid gas collecting in the braai and causing an explosion
  3. Don’t cook at an excessively high heat as the meat can burn and fires become more prevalent
  4. Start with a clean braai as old coagulated marinade left on the grid can flare up and cause excessive flames


If you enjoy a cruising boating lifestyle, then you will probably want to mount the braai on a rail where it is out of the way yet easily accessible. Other options include folding portable braais that can be used on the boat and easily taken ashore for use on land.


Braais predominantly come in two shapes, either round or rectangular. Leisure Boating prefers the rectangular kettle braai shape with a hinged lid as it offers easier mounting options than that of round braais.


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