Boating Etiquette 101

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We all love boating and being on the water, but in order for us all to have a good, hassle- and incident-free time alongside one another, it is important for us all to follow the few unwritten rules that every boater ought to know.

First things first
Remember your ramp manners! There will often be a queue of boaters as eager to get on the water as you are so make your launch as prompt as possible so as not to cause frustration with your fellow water users. Avoid unnecessary delays on the ramp by loading your boat in the parking lot prior to launching and securing all necessary equipment and belongings inside the vessel before heading down the ramp. If you are an inexperienced boater and new to manoeuvring your boat and trailer down the slip, get some practice beforehand! Do a few practice runs in your own driveway at home or find a vacant parking lot, preferably with someone adept at boat towing who will be able to instruct you. After successfully launching your boat, get your towing vehicle back in the parking lot and your boat clear of the slip and out of the way of the other boaters as soon as possible.

Who is enjoying it?
It is essential to always be aware of the wake that your boat makes and the effects it might have on fellow water users. While it may be fun to circle around to try and knock your friend off a tube by using your own boat’s wake, be mindful of who else you might be affecting. Your wake could end up rocking other boats so violently that drinks or fuel are spilt or a learning skier’s confidence wasted, causing tempers to flare. Consider that you might be knocking an unsuspecting person off their boat if they are on the bow hassling with the anchor. Be conscious of your speeds and the wake you produce! …


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