Boating must-haves – March 2017

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Are you looking for a custom made full or half bikini cover for your engine? Sure, you can have it made by the local tannie down the road, but a hessian sack won’t protect your engine from salty sea water. Rather check out the covers being made by Boat Caravan and Camping who manufacture covers using only the best products – an imported material with a scotch guard waterproofing to keep the inner lining dry. The soft inner layer prevents the cowling cover from being chaffed when your boat is on the ocean or even while being towed.

Bikini Cover Motor Cover X
Bikini Cover Motor Cover X

Why we like it? A special embroidery can be completed to give your cover a custom look – and the finished cover is of great quality.
Pricing is dependent on your embroidery needs.
Contact: Chrisjan at Boat Caravan and Camping on (011) 814 1452.

This month, score when buying a promotional pack of Star Brite Salt Off from your nearest authorised stockist and get a free adaptor which allows the solution to be easily introduced to water when flushing your engine. No mess and certainly no fuss! Simply fill the container, connect it inline with your hose, and watch as the product injects into your motor to gently scrub away salt deposits left behind from your recent trip which would otherwise do plenty of harm to your cooling system. Although you can’t actively see the results straight away, there will probably be little wonder why your motor is still in a peak cooling condition many years from now.

Starbrite Salt Off with Adapter X
Starbrite Salt Off with Adapter X

Why we like it? This promotional offer isn’t to be missed if you want to look after your engine and add years to its lifespan.
Price: R635
Contact: your nearest authorised Star Brite dealer

Boat Caravan and Camping specialises in constructing fighting chairs for boats of real sports fishermen. Built standard or customised to your specific needs, Boat Caravan and Camping make use of the finest grade stainless steel and all work is done in-house to ensure attention to quality. With the workmanship being completed onsite, the company regularly manufactures add-ons to suit customer specifications – such as attachable bait stations, rod storage racks, and much more. Boat Caravan and Camping’s fish-fighting chairs are used by many boat builders nationwide, showing trust in their craft.

Fighting Chair X
Fighting Chair X

Why we like it? The company produces and assortment of fighting stations, gimbles and rocket launcher rigs – there’s sure to be something to pique your interest.
Pricing is dependent on customer specifications.
Contact:Chrisjan at Boat Caravan and Camping on (011) 814 1452.

This product from Starbrite can be used in a variety of applications such as marine environments, caravan and outdoor usage and even industrial and mining applications. It protects engine blocks, nuts and bolts, trim and tilt rams, trailers, anchors, chains and all other metal surfaces from corrosion. It will not harm painted surfaces or wiring and is safe to use on all marine metal surfaces. The PTEF polymers bond to metal surface to provide a long-lasting barrier against damaging salt and moisture. Capillary action ensures every surface is covered for maximum protection and the clear protective coating that contains PTEF prevents moisture adhesion and build-up. It can be sprayed directly onto the surface and allowed to dry.

Why we like it? It’s highly affordable and offers good protection to a variety of metals.
Price: R290.55
Contact: your nearest authorised Star Brite dealer or visit


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