Boating News: Mercury’s New Active Trim

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Designed to suit entry-level and expert boaters alike, Active Trim simplifies boat operation, while improving engine performance and decreasing fuel costs.

New boaters are immediately able to trim their engines properly with no intimidating learning curve, and experienced boaters won’t need to monitor and adjust trim constantly upon changes in boat speed or in turns.

Using Active Trim has been likened to switching from a manual transmission to automatic transmission in an automobile.

The key to Mercury’s Active Trim is its exclusive and patented GPS-based control system. Unlike systems that use only engine rpm to control trim, Mercury’s Active Trim controls the trim in accordance with boat speed and engine rpm.

This feature solves problems with the engine or drive trimming up instead of down, if the propeller breaks loose in hard turns. It also solves issues with the engine trimming up too early or too late while the boat is getting up on plane.


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