Boating News: OMNI 291 Antenna Launch

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Leisure Boating attended the launch of the OMNI 291 antenna at the Waterfront in Cape Town recently. The launch took place on the pleasure catamaran Tigger 2 with a full presentation and Q & A for attendees to familiarise themselves with this exciting new product.

The OMNI 291 was designed and tested in South Africa, where Poynting Antennas’ head office is based.

The antenna offers the widest possible frequency range, including GSM, UMTS, WCDMA, Wi-Fi and 4G/ LTE bands and is future proof, thanks to its inclusion of the new 450 MHz ranges. The ultra-wide range was made possible thanks to patented Poynting technologies that utilises multiple dipoles and a unique data feed network.

The antenna has also been designed for simultaneous dual communications with a Wi-Fi modem and signal repeater, using a two way splitter.


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