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Boating Tips: Cruise and Snooze

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What a wonderful way to spend the night – aboard your boat. Whether you are on a fishing charter, a large comfortable cruiser, a houseboat or any other pleasure craft that has the required
space, then you’re in line for an evening of the calming sounds of water lapping against the hull as you drift off to sleep.


Your choice of anchorage is important and like buying property, location is everything. Choose a protected cove if you can as it’s the safest place to avoid other boats and bad weather. Weather conditions can change very quickly, so having shelter and an exit plan is imperative.

If you are anchored on a dam or lake, make sure that you are anchored far enough from other boats so that if the wind changes and your boat swivels on its anchor, it does not come into contact with any other boat. Using an anchor one size bigger than recommended for smaller craft will add to the boat’s stability and reduce anchor drag.


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