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Boating Tips: False Start

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Sometimes it’s the easiest fixes that get your motor running. Next time your motor doesn’t start, don’t throw your hands up in the air and loudly proclaim your defeat to the whole marina.

Rather, follow the simple suggestions below and there will be a good chance that you will find a quick fix that doesn’t require an expensive outing to your marine dealer.

Check the fuel

Sometimes a motor that won’t start is simply because it is out of fuel. There is nothing more frustrating than going through a number of engine checks only to find that you are out of fuel.

Check the kill switch

Most powerboats have a kill switch. Check that it is in!

Its primary function is to stop the motor from running so making sure that it is in properly is a must if your motor doesn’t want to start. Make sure the kill switch is in or the motor won’t start!

Check the gears

Check that the engine is in neutral. An outboard motor won’t start if it is in gear.

Yes, tell us we’re crazy but this simple oversight will stop the motor from starting.


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