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Boating Tips: From shore to store

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Taking your boat out of the water for the wet winter months will not only protect it and keep it in pristine condition, but it will also allow you the opportunity to do the much needed maintenance that is typically more difficult to do when the boat is in the water.

Just remember, there are certain musts such as being able to gain easy access to your boat when you want to use it or attend to repairs. And, the easier it is to take the boat out of storage, the more often you will be tempted to put in on the water.


Many boaters reduce storage costs by trailering their boats home, if they have the space and the security of a fenced off area. Home storage allows the boat owner very easy access for repairs and preparation for charters, fishing trips, skiing or wakeboarding.

Another positive is that the boat can be properly cleaned after trips. If the boat is completely out of action for the winter months, covering the boat with a tarp will protect it from the elements but a regular check for mould is necessary as water often seeps in and will eventually contribute to the formation of mould.

If you decide not to shrink wrap or cover the boat with a tarp when it is home-stored, ensure that all cushions and removable upholstery items are taken off the boat to prevent them from gathering mould. If the boat is not covered or wrapped, ensure that the drains are not blocked by leaves or debris when the boat returns to the water.


Storing your boat indoors is always going to be the best option … if you have the space. This could take the form of a garage or a covered structure, but most homes don’t cater for this type of
storage and traditional garages are not big enough for an average sized boat.

If you do have the space, the home indoor storage option offers the boat greater protection from the elements and makes it very easy to work on.

Home indoor storage also increases the security of the boat and reduces theft and vandalism. It also offers the perfect opportunity to undertake repairs without interruptions caused by bad weather.


A storage facility that is located near to your residence poses an excellent storage option for your boat. This option is similar to storing your boat outside at home yet requires a small monthly fee
to be paid. Your boat can be accessed at all times and these storage facilities have 24-hour security so there is little or no chance of theft.


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