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Boating Tips: Perfect Presentation

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Putting together an impressive presentation of your boat is paramount as there are numerous boats on the market, many similar to yours, competing for top honours. So, getting your boat sale-ready and looking its best is imperative, as this will greatly increase your chances of finding a buyer.

Cleaning up your boat for photographs is not the end of the line but keeping it in this pristine condition is equally important when prospective buyers come to view the boat.

There is no point in taking wonderful high resolution photographs and advertising the boat online or in the classifieds but when buyers come to look at the boat, it looks like a junker. Below are Leisure Boating’s top tips to bring in the best buyers for your boat.


Make sure your boat is thoroughly cleaned before you take any photos. There should be no rags, rubbish bags, trash cans, rusty metal or torn canvas evident in the photos. Remove any unwanted items, repair any torn canvas and give the boat a good scrub to bring out the shine.

It might take a few days to get the boat looking its best, but it will pay off in the long run.


Take a variety of good quality photos that show the full extent of the boat from the outside as well as a few closer shots of important appointments within the boat.

If you do take photos of storage facilities and cupboards to indicate space, make sure the items in these storage spaces are neatly packed.

Using a wide angle lens will do wonders for the visual presentation. If you don’t have a proper DSLR, ask someone who does to take the photos. Photos from a cheap cell phone just don’t cut it when you’re selling an expensive boat.

Your photos should convey that the boat has been meticulously maintained, showing shiny counters, clean decks, oilfree bilges, polished metals and sparkling woodwork. Buyers will correctly assume that if the boat is clean and neat, that you take care of the rest of the boat in a similar fashion.

Take close-ups of canvas snaps and connections to show they are in good condition.


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