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Boating Tips: V-Hull vs Cat Hull

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Finding the correct hull shape to suit your boating needs is always going to be a tough challenge. Some boaters prefer the catamaran-type hull and others swear by the V-hull.

Whether you’re kuiering at your local boat club, chatting on the jetty to fellow boaters or having a heated discussion while braai chops sizzle on the grid, there are always going to be differing opinions on the merits of catamaran type hulls versus V-hulls.

Is one hull type more comfortable than the other? Do these different hull types react differently in varying sea conditions? Are each suited to a variety of different aspects of boating? Well, yes, yes and yes to those questions and yes, yes, yes to the hundreds of others. Before you say no, no, no, let’s take a more critical look shall we?


A cat will typically corner more tightly than a V-hull when taken round a buoy at the same speed, though not by much.

The main difference when cornering is how the two different types ‘bank’ into the corner. The catamaran-type hull will lean outwards in the corner, sometimes by as much as 25 degrees – which can be disconcerting for passengers – until they get used to this motion. The V-hull on the other hand, banks inward, offering passengers a much more natural ride as the centrifugal force ensures that your feet are planted firmly on deck.


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