Citation 700

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Proper anglers need equipment which is just as serious as they are, and that’s one area in which the latest Citation 700 doesn’t disappoint. Make no mistake; while she’s every bit the stunner, she’s purpose-built to be a dedicated sport fishing machine.

I can think of just a few words to describe the Citation 700 – and I’m not sure if it’s because her lines are just that sexy, or if I just can’t think straight with all the visions of bucket-list fishing trips I’d do with this craft. What I do know is that if there were a list of SA’s most striking fishing boats, this craft would be near the top. The Citation 700 stems from a long line of fishing pedigree and was first launched around 2012. Its big brother, the 900, is a boat which any angler worth his true weight in salt should know of – so it’s not surprising that this 23-foot craft is something which excites just about any man with a rod.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer from the latest Citation 700.

Deck layout
The Citation 700 is designed and built to be a serious sports fisher, so rest assured that everything on board is dedicated to the purpose of helping you reel in the big ones. We’re getting better acquainted with this vessel in Cape Town, so while you don’t see outriggers and downriggers, it is definitely an available option. Nevertheless, whether you’re targeting tuna in the cape or searching for sailfish in Mozambique, the Citation 700 is geared towards making your fishing trip a whole lot better and a whole lot more comfortable.

Everything you’d need to get started on wetting some serious line is here, like the plethora of rod holders – including four rocket launchers on the soft top bimini (a hard top version is also available), three holders on the trolling board, and a further six along the gunwales. There’s also storage along the gunnels to keep your rods safely stored for when you need them.


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