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Pilot, Patrol,Passenger,Workboat, Military Boat multi-purpose from HDPE

: Istanbul, Turkey
: R 2,100,000
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PlastBoat Ltd builds various types (5 m-24 m) of boats from high density polyethylene (HDPE) .
• Marine ambulances,
• Agency boats, Patrol boats,
• Environment Control boats,
• Boats for coastal security authorities,
• Boats for the marina security and fire boats,
• Boats for the transportation of cargo or personnel,
• Service boats for fish farms,
• Special service boats for tourism and advertisement,
• Service boats for shipyards,
• RIP boats,
• Boats that serve open sea stations like floating platforms or piers,
• Pontoon houses, marine houses.
There are several advantages about our boats;
No Maintenance cost, not necessary paint,
High quality workboat, long lifetime (50 years for Hull material HDPE),
Very strong material, resistant to impact,
Very good stability, safety driving,
Easy cleaning
Good resistant material for air conditions (too warm or cold)
Antibacterial ,Environmental friendly.

Year built: 2018 (new boat)
Length (LOA) : 9,90 meter
Beam : 3,20 meters
Draft : 0,60 meters
Crew:8+1 (Pulman seats)
Weight: 5.5 tons
Loading capacity : 2 tons
Engine : 1 x 370 HP( Yanmar), diesel engine
Propulsion system : (optional engine systems)
Shaft drive system (alternative 1)
Waterjet drive system (alternative 2)
Outboard engine drive system (alternative 3)
Fuel tank: 680 liters
Water tank:100 liters
Bilge tank:100 liters
Max speed : 25 kn
Economic speed : 20 kn
Cruising : 150 miles
Elektrik devresi : 12V accumulators / 220V (shore electricity)
Cabin hull material: Fiberglass
Cabin Colour: can be difference colour.
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