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Good quality Multi-purpose boat, Full Safe, Immortal Boat, Comfort,No Maint

: İstanbul, Turkey
: R 390
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Year: 2018 New built
Full length (LOA) : 6.00 meters
Width : 2.30 meters
Draft : 0.35 meters
Passenger capacity : 9 people
Engine : 100HP (F100 DEL), strap motor (long shaft) injection, trimmed, 4-stroke
(you can choose Engine options)
Speed : 30-33 knots.
Electrical circuit : 12V
The heat control console showing the parameters of the engine such as heat, cycle etc. is installed in the front part of the steering wheel to be visible clearly by the operator.

• Bilge pump
• Starboard navigation lights
• User console (flexi glass)
• Gas spring Captain Chair
• 31x41 lower deck cover
• 46x51 starboard 2 pieces of plastic cover
• Back pool screwed brass cover
• Grip ropes on-deck
• Upon request, grip ropes out of the rails
• Waterproof buttons 6 Pcs
• Boat switch
• Chrome roll bar
• Sambrella brand blue Sunbrella
• 1 x 60 amp battery
• 1 x siren horn
• 1 x remote controlled searchlight
• 1 x lifeline (illuminated)
• Console and seat cover to protects from the rain,
• 6 pieces of inflatable fenders
• 50-70 lt fuel tank

Constructional Properties:

All of the construction is produced of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plates and pipes.
The main carrier elements of the boat are manufactured of 400 mm PN4 material.
The inside of the carrier side pipes are filled with polyurethane foam (15 – 25 kg/m³) and so a full-volume dual-layer is created.
There are several advantages about our boats;
No Maintenance cost, not necessary paint,
High quality workboat, long lifetime (50 years for Hull material HDPE),
Very strong material, resistant to impact,
Very good stability, safety driving,
Easy cleaning
Good resistant material for air conditions (too warm or cold)
Antibacterial ,Environmental friendly.

PlastBoat Ltd builds various types (5 m-24 m) of boats from high density polyethylene (HDPE) .
• Marine ambulances,
• Agency boats, Patrol boats,
• Environment Control boats,
• Boats for coastal security authorities,
• Boats for the marina security and fire boats,
• Boats for the transportation of cargo or personnel,
• Service boats for fish farms,
• Special service boats for tourism and advertisement,
• Service boats for shipyards,
• RIP boats,
• Boats that serve open sea stations like floating platforms or piers,
• Pontoon houses, marine houses.
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