Cleared for take off, Jetovator

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It’s not very often that something completely new and different hits the boating world – and I must say, I’ve been quite excited to see it for myself since receiving the first pictures of this product. It’s called the Jetovator – think of it as a jetski that really flies!

Imagine hovering above the water at up to eight metres high or cruising along on the most comfortable of rides at up to 40 km/h – while looking super cool and certainly getting everyone’s attention! The Jetovator is a completely new product and is now available in South Africa, and we get the exclusive of what it’s all about ahead of its official launch party.

How it works
The Jetovator is an accessory which is easily added on to your existing PWC. It doesn’t have its own power source, so you’d have to have your own high output jet-powered ski in order to use the Jetovator. A PWC works by pushing water at a high velocity through the tail piece of the craft with the result being forward movement. The Jetovator’s system takes the thrust from the back of the ski and redirects it forwards (eliminating the forward movement) and up through the 12-metre hose to the Jetovator unit. The thrust is then directed downwards on the Jetovator to give the system its hovering force.

Additional piping to the handlebars allows the rider to control the left and right nozzles to perform some truly exceptional flight and a ride like you’ve never experienced before! There are a few other systems available around the world, but none allow you the ease of use (or the affordability for that matter!) of the Jetovator. The kit requires two people to operate it – one on the PWC to provide the source of power; and the other on the Jetovator having an absolute whale of a time. What’s great about the way this works is that it allows the user to concentrate on navigating the Jetovator while the PWC user controls the engine RPM for the thrust which is ideal when you’re learning.

Despite the aerial tricks the system is capable of, the Jetovator is said to be incredibly easy to master. Providing a stable platform and with the thrust being controlled for you, the Jetovator team claim that they can have a complete newbie operating the system safely in less than 20 minutes.


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