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Cobalt 242 WSS

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Grace, space and plenty of pace!

Cobalt has always built beautiful boats, with sumptuous lines, sleek curves, and gracious looks complementing their sexy shape. And the Cobalt 242 is no exception to this rule. However, the 242 carries the WSS name badge – which stands for Water Sport Series. And that’s a bit like putting “Turbo” on a bull… But is it as crazy? The Editor checks out the Cobalt 242 WSS.

Presenting the Water Sports Series – an optional package designed expressly for those with a wakeboard surgically attached to their feet! And when combined with the natural advantages of traditional Cobalt models, you know this is not just an everyday type of deal, and that this 242 is more arguably more interesting than most.
It doesn’t take long to see why the Cobalt 242 is such a highly sought-after craft Đ and the WSS package makes her just that much better.

Deck layout

This version of the 242 measures in at 7.9 metres (just over 25 feet) with a beam of 2.59 metres Đ meaning that the 242 has got more space than the Apollo 13.
I will admit that it’s a bit of mixed emotions feeling when I was on board. On the one hand it’s definitely a Cobalt; fit for royalty, and it’s even more refined than those that own them. But, the WSS package goes a long way to showing the sportier side of the craft – where her wakeboarding colours really do shine through.
The look begins with a split gelcoat hull design, available in any combination of the standard Cobalt gelcoat colours. Then comes the chrome silver WSS hull crystal cap emblems and transom Water Sports Series badge. And for the finishing touches, there are new three, inch-black, chrome Cobalt insignias in an edgy chiselled style.
Cobalt 242 WSS As for the interior; WSS styling continues on the interior with finishing touches that include Water Sports Series badging, and a choice of colour-matched piping throughout the upholstery. The WSS helm with standard digital instruments, Satin dash finish, and available perfect pass cruise control, create the right environment for your most rewarding day on the water.
One of the many benefits of the WSS package is the beautifully engineered Water Sports Tower with a Bimini top. With its heavy gauge, anodized, polished aluminium stock and precision machined billet fittings and joints, the tower is presented with the option to fold down. This tower is strong with lifelong good looks and integrated racks port and starboard carry your four favourite boards securely. Solid and rattle-free! With a quick release of a swivel lock, the racks swing inboard for easy and safe access. Additional options include tower speakers with high-powered amplifiers, tower spotlights, and a driver’s rear-view mirror to expand on the water sports experience.
As with many new high-end boats, the backrest of the stern seat can be reversed to make the sun lounger even bigger. Extremely comfortable, this is a great spot to do some relaxing or watch the aerial display as a wakeboarder gets in their best set.
There’s nothing bad I can say about the interior of this craft as everything you can touch, feel, or see, exudes quality, strength and appeal.
Of course, a large swim platform at the stern is present to complete the package as pure dedication to water sports.
Cobalt 242 WSS


Our review Cobalt was fitted with a huge, mighty and magnificent, 8.2-litre MAG MerCruiser inboard motor. With 380 HP and 280 kW as measured at the prop, this engine has a full throttle RPM range of 4 200-4 600.
The V8 inboard is surprisingly quiet in calm operation. But, simply drive a little aggressively, and then I defy you not feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
With plenty of power to spare, the 242 WSS is not shy on getting out the blocks when you want her to, and gets from 0-plane in a matter of seconds Đ which is superb for a boat this size Đ and of course, this weight, which is 2 087 kg (dry)!
On board, you can take a maximum of 189 litres of fuel and 38 litres of fresh water Đ both of which are more than you’d need for a complete day out.
The 242 WSS is a big riverboat and I can’t imagine she’ll ever be in a situation to make you as a passenger feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
Behind the craft, expect a wake that is arguably second to none! For the rider, you’ve got a strong pull from the beginning, a steep wake to ride up, and a crisp lip at the top. Expect to get some good pop off the wake.
For the driver, the controls are incredibly light as you sit comfortably at the helm. She’s easy to skipper and feels much smaller than she is when you are in the process of docking.
All in all the Cobalt 242 WSS really is all that and more.
Cobalt 242 WSS

Cobalt 242 WSS Finishing touches

The Cobalt 242 WSS is kitted out with probably more than your home living room. So brilliantly thought out, there’s even a safety swing gate in the boarding walkway to prevent kids (or even adults!) from waterborne accidents.
A classy platter table can be easily installed at the stern, and allows your guests to enjoy a little sunset Sushi.
On board, you can have a maximum of 13 passengers Đ and each can be wrapped in their own little piece of Heaven whilst on board, since the 242 won’t afford you the opportunity to need anything more.
As you might imagine, a crystal clear surround sound system is installed on the craft to provide you with your own private concert from your favourite band or rock musician.


The hardest part to swallow about this boat is that it’s priced from R1.1 million. But, then again, you and I knew what to expect when we first set eyes on this heritage-full craft. While she’s not a tournament wakeboard boat, she does throw out an impressive wake. What’s more, you’re probably in for a little less on the price than a tournament boat Đ and just think of all the extras you get, with the sense and style of extravagance.
She’s got it all when it comes to pedigree and tradition; and now with the WSS package, she’s truly elite and only made for the best.
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