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Destination: Bloemhof Dam

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Bloemhof Dam was constructed in the 1960s and was originally known as Oppermansdrif Dam. It is situated within the Bloemhof Nature Reserve and the surface area of the dam is approximately
2 200 ha with a water capacity of 1.269 million m3.

The dam offers excellent fishing opportunities and the surrounding reserve is filled with a variety of game such as black and white rhinoceros, eland, springbok, black wildebeest as well as small predators.

There are also numerous bird species in the area for birders to enjoy and photograph. Birders can expect to see in excess of 250 species of bird, including storks, geese, ducks, herons, flamingos,
teal and terns, so don’t forget to bring you camera and your binoculars.

Bloemhof Dam offers exceptional sport fishing opportunities to anglers both by boat and from the shore.


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