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Destination: Lady Grey Dam

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The town of Lady Grey is tucked away in a valley below the Witteberg mountain range. The area is called ‘The tail of the Dragon’ where the tail end of the Drakensberg Mountains peters out. The Lady Grey area has a variety of fossil beds and San Bushmen art.

The town was founded in 1856 and the farm Waaihoek was bought by the Aliwal North Dutch Reformed Church to establish a new congregation in the area. The church, constructed out of
sandstone, is a national monument.

A Mr Stromsoe from Cape Town built the Lady Grey Dam in 1925.

The dam wall is 25m high and hikers and sightseers can walk up a natural staircase to the top of the dam wall.

At full capacity the dam contains 157 million litres of water. The full cost of the dam, including the pumps, totalled R34 000 at the time of construction.


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