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Fairline Squadron 65 to Grace African Shores!

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When Boating World’s Derrick and Suzanne first viewed the brand new Fairline Squadron 65 making her worldwide debut at an international boat show, they were completely captivated. Their initial delight with this awesome craft never left them and the thought that she would be perfect for African waters simply grew stronger.

As Derrick’s instincts are seldom wrong, it was just a matter of time before he matched one of these luxurious craft with a discerning client. And at last, notwithstanding the shocking weather conditions and red alert in Britain, an awesome 65-footer is nally southward bound and headed for the West Coast of Africa. Ahead of her departure, Derrick, Suzanne and Greg were thrilled to visit to the Fairline factory for a nal inspection and boat test. It never ceases to amaze visitors that this manufacturing giant has its sophisticated boat building facility in a small town called Oundle in Petersborough (about two hours from London). Travelling miles along narrow roads that wind through country towns with thatch roofed buildings, you suddenly happen upon this modern factory which produces some of the most luxurious cruisers in the world. The really big boats can be found at the on-water facility at Ipswich. Of course Greg was in his element to be back in the hub of all the Fairline action, not only overawed by the sight of the new 65, but also seeing other new models in various stages of development. He watched as the brand new Targa 48 and Squadron 48 were being built using resin-infused moulds – the very latest method of manufacture unique to Fairline. The resin is sucked through a vacuum system and more evenly distributed throughout the hull. This makes the boats stronger and up to 30% lighter.

In addition, the new Targa hulls have been specially designed to accommodate the new IPS 600 Volvo engines. These boast joystick control for excellent maneuverability and they are up to 30% more fuel efficient. IPS engines are positioned further back in the vessel creating more interior space, they are also very quiet and have underwater exhausts eliminating diesel odours. Typical of a Fairline, she oozes pizzazz and style and totally commands the attention of every passerby. Her impressive size is the immediate eye-catcher and judging from her sleek exterior, one instinctively knows that the interior will be the epitome of luxurious sophistication and elegance. This 65-footer appears to go one step further than similar sized boats on every level, from contemporary design, to spaciousness and comfort. Stepping on board, you enter a world that is like being transported in a boating villa. It took the next two days to reacquaint Derrick and Greg with every inch of her – while they paid special attention to new technology, electrical layout, plumbing, mechanical systems and general equipment such as watermakers, air-conditioning and more advanced features.

Fitted with twin Caterpillar C18’s she performed extremely well, cutting through the slight chop as if it didn’t exist and effortlessly reaching up to 35 knots. Tight turns were easily negotiated even at high speed and at no time did the party feel anything but confidently secure, even seated upstairs on the flybridge. In fact, being up there at speed is a particularly exhilarating experience!

This sexy, alfresco-style area sums up the personality of this yacht. Spacious and easy to move around in, this entertainer’s dream spot could not get better.

It has three distinct social areas: the forward cruising chaise longue and sun pad, the aft facing sunbeds and the extensive seating/dining area. Apart from the odd trip down to the sumptuous day head, there really is no need to move once one’s comfortably ensconced up here!

Derrick had this to say, “The views are spectacular and every care in the world just melts away as you glide along the waves with the wind on your face.”


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