Fishing: 10 Crazy Catches

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Most anglers have heard their fair share of stories about weird and wonderful catches. Some are scary and some are downright unbelievable but there are documented reports of catches that are almost too good to be true.

Going Batty

When fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains, angler Mike Wilson caught a bat which was hunting for insects in the area close to the water. The bat was released without any major damage. Actually, the bat caught the fly, which was attached to the fishing line. Mike Wilson technically caught nothing.

Go fish

Walter Krane was bass fishing with his brother on Saguaro Lake in Arizona and nothing was biting but he did manage to land four fishing rods and reels in one morning.

Slithery business

Mike Head caught two poisonous cottonmouth snakes in back-to-back casts while bass fishing in Florida. He left the area shortly after that.

Illegal catch

A deep sea angler fishing off the Gulf of Mexico hooked a square parcel which turned out to be 50 kilograms of uncut Columbian cocaine. It was handed over to the authorities.


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